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Recent research by Deloitte has revealed that only 26% of organisations believe they are using their HR technology effectively. Harnessing the power of people data and analytics across your platform is key to realising the true value from your HR tech investment.

What are SuccessFactors Report Stories?

Report Stories in People Analytics is the new reporting solution released by SuccessFactors in May 2020. This reporting tool is enabled by SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and delivers to customers advanced visualisation and reporting flexibility.

Report Stories is described as a next-generation experience for gathering insights – consolidating all the legacy SuccessFactors transactional reporting tools into a single platform for reporting, insights, and dashboards. It enables customers to perform cross-suite reporting based on live transactional data from across the SAP and SuccessFactors Suite.

Key features include:

  • A toolset to create dynamic, interactive visualisations and tell stories with your data
  • A single data model for modules across the SuccessFactors suite
  • Integration with Role Based Permissions (RBP) so all story consumers will only see the appropriate data for their role allowing for tailored, secure information sharing

Report Stories in People Analytics is being promoted as the future of reporting for SAP SuccessFactors and it is included free in your SuccessFactors product license.

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What will this enable you to do that you can’t do now?

Report Stories, represents a paradigm shift in the reporting capabilities being offered to SuccessFactors customers today. You can now access live data to gain key insights that inform your decision-making processes, allowing you to become a more data-driven organisation – a critical step in any digital transformation process.

Managers and HR professionals can sharpen their focus, become more agile, and improve their team and organisational results. The solution enables you to:

  • Better understand your people and teams and receive notifications on issues that matter, such as absenteeism, attrition, flight risk, goal alignment, training, and fair compensation
  • Speed execution with insights anywhere, on any device and leverage SAP SuccessFactors digital assistant to get immediate help and guidance
  • Reduce complexity with smart insights, powered by machine learning, that provide immediate and deeper context – such as the top factors influencing time to hire – without the need to build more reports and dashboards.

How can you access this People Analytics capability?

While Report Stories comes free with your SAP SuccessFactors licence it requires an SAP developed security protocol, Identity Authentication Service (IAS), enablement to access it.

There are three common challenges associated with this:

  • Most SuccessFactors customers do not already have IAS protocols enabled
  • Moving from standard SSO security protocols to IAS is a complex, highly technical, and potentially disruptive process
  • Most organisations do not have the in-house expertise to enable IAS themselves

Why should you look to enable this now?

Apart from IAS being a prerequisite to access People Analytics Report Stories, you will also be future-proofing your investment in the SuccessFactors platform for a few reasons:

  • All customer logins will soon be migrated to IAS to provide a more robust and secure login experience
  • All current reporting capability and schemas for Onboarding 2.0 are only available via Report Stories and hence will require IAS to access
  • SAP SuccessFactors are projecting a large number of new innovations will be tied to and predicated on customers having already enabled IAS security protocols.

Report Stories will eventually replace all other existing SuccessFactors reporting tools, including Table/AdHoc, Canvas/ORD/Advanced Reporting/Detailed Reporting, and Tile-based Dashboards. Enabling Report Stories will set you up for the future, now.

How much will it cost and how to get started?

As an SAP SuccessFactors Gold Partner, Pinpoint HRM can assist you to get your new people analytics and reporting capability up and running by:

  • Configuring and integrating IAS, including integration with SSO
  • Setting up and configuring Report Stories for your organisation
  • Training you on how to use and optimise Report Stories to deliver powerful insights.

A number of packages are available depending on complexity and any additional training or integration required. We estimate for most customers the services enablement will take 2-3 weeks to deliver with costs ranging from $25,000 to $35,000 (AUD).

Pinpoint HRM are experts in the design and delivery of HR Technology solutions that achieve real, quantifiable business outcomes. We can help you unleash the power of your SAP SuccessFactors investment with deeper analytics and real-time interactive reporting capability. Contact our HR tech consultants now.

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