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Feel at home in the team and culture you’ve been missing

At Pinpoint, we believe the career you choose should be as fun and interesting, motivating and meaningful as everything else you invest your precious time in.

Experience freedom & autonomy

As a Pinpointer, you’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility to create your own path. To choose where and when you work. To be curious, experimental and innovative. To take time out for your family, friends and passions.

We trust in our people to trust in themselves and define how they make their impact on our business and the world.

Feel supported & valued

You’ll be warmly welcomed into a team that cares about one another, our clients and the work we all do. They’ll share their big ideas, feedback and hacks with you. They’ll shout out your contributions, celebrate your successes, and shower you in kudos.

As for your managers, they’ll back you, encourage you and dare you to accomplish all that you’re capable of.

Stretch yourself & master your craft

At Pinpoint, you’ll be a valued contributor far beyond your current expertise or experience. Working alongside teammates on ambitious end-to-end projects, you’ll get to razor-hone your skills, stride out of your comfort zone and bring ideas to life that transform a client’s business.

And as an integral player in the bigger picture you’ll feel invested and exhilarated in the success of each project.

Learn fast & grow

In an industry dominated by ambling giants, we’re a nimble, evolving business working closely with like-minded clients. We’re growing fast – faster than even we envisioned.

As a bright-minded team member, you’ll grow fast too – collaborating, wearing unfamiliar hats and diving into fresh challenges on each project.

Belong & be happy

Whether you’re an ocean, home computer or partition away, you’ll always feel part of a close, supportive team on an exciting ride to create happy clients and shake up our industry. You’ll also feel heard, respected and celebrated – for being you.

And you’ll have a lot of fun along the way – be it at lunch and learns, celebrations, team days, fortnightly ‘Huddles’ or virtual cuddles.

Interested in working with us?

Inspired by what you’ve heard so far? Ready to embrace our values of Dependability, Empathy, Excellence, Initiative and Rapport? Have experience in HR, HR technology, project management, business analysis or change? Then we’d love to hear from you.