Synlait Milk

Andrew Dennan

“For Synlait, this whole journey has been about buying back time. Time for our HR teams to help further motivate and engage our people through a superior employee experience, and time for our employees to buy into Synlait’s vision around their own productivity, performance and engagement. We couldn’t have done it without Pinpoint. They set us on the right path from the outset and have kept us on track. Having the right partner is the key to success.”


Harris Farm Markets

James Williamson

“For us, this project was never just about a technology implementation. It has always been about transforming our HR and payroll functions, and fixing and improving processes, and it was very much a case of ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’. It was amazing how quickly Pinpoint understood our constraints, how we operate and our cultural nuances.”



Casey McIndoe

“We really benefited from the specialist technical and domain expertise of the Pinpoint consultants across each of the modules we implemented.”


Australian Hearing

At Australian Hearing, our experience with Pinpoint HRM to date has been just fantastic! To work with a consultant who actively bridges the knowledge gap between our technical and functional team members, continues to make our project a success.

The consultants at Pinpoint HRM are accredited on a variety of application functions and draw on years of industry experience to design and implement the best solution for your business.

Not only are they affordable, they always deliver on time and I couldn’t have wished for a better consultancy relationship.


Defence Health

Kelly Dixon

“It was amazing to work with Pinpoint HRM as they were super-efficient and open-minded throughout the implementation. They responded quickly to our requests, and helped to roll out Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud in just a matter of weeks. It has been a stress-free and enjoyable experience.” Read more…



Mary Lyras

“Pinpoint had the capability we didn’t have, and we recognised that up front. We were absolutely determined to take a risk mitigation approach with this project and be really honest about what we could do and what we had limited capability for. We were looking for a partner with diverse experience we could work with over the long haul to help us deliver the best outcomes, and Pinpoint have been that for us.”


Domain Group

Andrew Scales

“We’ve disrupted the whole perception of HR within Domain. We’re now a proactive, lean employee experience team, fully supporting our internal customers, enabled by a seamless and integrated service delivery platform. We got there with the help of Pinpoint HRM. They are a fabulous team that are a key part of our success story.”


College of Law

John Mathios

“Pinpoint knew what had to be done and how long it was going to take. If we were going too slow they pushed things along, if we were going too fast they got us to focus on getting it right.”


Melbourne Grammar School

Nathan Hamilton

“Pinpoint HRM are professional and helpful. We gained the flexibility to integrate email templates with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, helping us to ensure consistent internal and external communication and encourage more candidates to sign up to job alerts via LinkedIn.” Read more…


Transfield Services

Kaili Ford,  Learning Technologies Manager

The SuccessFactors LMS team from Pinpoint is the recognised industry expert and implementation partner in Australia  Their guidance and hands-on support ensured the successful deployment across our global organisation. Adam is engaging, personable and professional and the experience he brought to the team prevented costly errors while future-proofing the system.


Greater Bank

Craig Gander

“Our relationship with Pinpoint HRM has been a key part of our success. They were upfront when we were putting our project at risk and we felt comfortable providing them with feedback about what was working and what wasn’t. When you’re implementing systems and realise you can’t do it all yourself, you are going to have to form partnerships. My message to any business about to undertake a digital HR transformation is be very choosy about who you get into bed with. On the back of the success of this experience with Pinpoint, we now place more weight on our partners in the selection process for all our major projects.”


Sunshine Coast Council

Michelle Kane

“We’d put a lot of energy, effort and thought into a comprehensive plan for HR Tech in the past year – but I still didn’t know what I didn’t know! We engaged Pinpoint HRM because I wanted to be 100% sure we were on the right track before we embarked on such a major project. We really benefited from them helping us to rethink our overall HR tech roadmap. We were going in one direction but they corrected our course. It certainly impacted the procurement strategy and we got better players out of the market as a result of it. Having now accessed Pinpoint’s expert advice I’m very confident we know what we need to do to get this transformation right.”


Clayton Utz

Pinpoint HRM provided us with invaluable advice and guidance throughout the implementation and ensured that best practices were set up first time.

Transport for NSW

Daniel Bennett

“We couldn’t have achieved so much without our extended team – Pinpoint. I am happy to say the rollout of Taleo to hiring managers has been a great success, and given the size of our business, this is not simple feat. We recently achieved an 84% positive satisfaction result, and considering where we have come from, combined with the fact we are in the midst of a major culture shift, this is an amazing outcome. One we share with you and the team.

The team deserve a very high level of commendation for the work they have performed, I couldn’t be happier with the experience.

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