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Improving the care factor with HR Tech

With a reputation for caring for the Murray community since 1960, Lutheran Aged Care strives for excellence in community-directed services. When it came to transforming the employee experience across their facilities and services, Lutheran looked to partners Ceridian Dayforce and Pinpoint HRM to make life easier for their valued care workers with a modern, digital workforce solution.

Dealing with a front-line care-focused workforce, high numbers of hourly employees, multiple shifts per day, and having the staff on hand with the right skills and qualifications presents unique challenges for the aged-care sector alone. Coupled with COVID, a talent shortage, and being in a regional centre, the challenges for managing Lutheran’s 400+ workforce were amplified over the past few years.

For managers, creating or updating an employee record meant accessing 3 different systems. For front-line staff, inefficient clock-on processes often led to late shift starts and manual corrections to timesheets and payroll.

Lutheran’s disparate tech landscape and lack of a single source of truth added to the challenge with manual workarounds resulting in data duplication,  inaccuracies and impacts on operational efficiency. Not surprisingly, there was a reliance on workarounds and longstanding internal knowledge, which increased ’key person’ risk across the organisation.

On top of these risks and inefficiencies, increasing levels of employee burnout highlighted the urgent need to reinvent the employee experience and reduce the time Lutheran’s workforce spent on tasks that could easily be automated.

With these challenges front of mind and a sense that the business was ‘often behind the eight ball’, Lutheran embarked on a digital transformation program to replace existing systems that were no longer fit for purpose.

Lutheran saw this as the opportunity to improve the lives of their front-line employees while giving managers greater visibility of people data, workforce insights and operational performance. Ultimately leading to improved compliance through better internal processes, automation and analytics.

Ceridian’s Dayforce was the solution of choice to deliver a unified platform that would consolidate, streamline and automate processes across the employee lifecycle. “Dayforce is an excellent product which, due to its flexibility and integrated platform, will allow us to grow and evolve in line with the ever-changing needs of our business and the aged care sector”, says Lutheran’s Louise Shields.

Pinpoint HRM was chosen as Lutheran’s implementation partner to deliver an end-to-end strategic digital transformation.

“We were so happy with Pinpoint, they were a brilliant team, and there isn’t much we would do differently. They were the perfect partner and the results speak for themselves – we had no hiccups at go-live (which is incredible!) and 6 months on we are already experiencing the benefits and value realisation of our Dayforce solution”

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