“Our system has been live for a while now, I think we need a health check – and help with creating reports.”

Beyond go-live there is a significant effort required to ensure the change is embedded and users have adopted and adapted to their new way of working. A well-structured and executed change and communication plan will set you up not only for a smooth transition to your new system but for ongoing uptake and performance.

As you return to BAU, your HR team need to be equipped with the right capability and skills so they can maximise the value of the data to effectively deliver higher value reporting and services to the business.

We leverage the latest in digital adoption tools to ensure your system is being used to its full capability.


  • Adoption and change management
  • BAU support capability uplift
  • Application Management Services


  • Change Management Toolkit
  • Utilisation Health-Check
  • Digital training and adoption tools

We provide personalised ongoing support, services and resources to enhance the capability of your solution and your users.



  • Technology Strategy and roadmap advisory
  • Process improvement and design
  • Business case and readiness assessment


  • Business Requirement documentation
  • Vendor neutral advisory and evaluation tools
  • Vendor comparison and gap analysis


  • Functional Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Integration

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