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Our workshops bring together clients, consultants, partners and subject matter experts to explore ideas and solutions around current HR transformation challenges. They allow us to share our expertise, tools and client experiences to help you prepare for HR tech success. Please register your interest below to participate in an upcoming workshop .

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Are you ready for HR tech success?

We’re opening up our HR Tech Readiness Toolkit to you! At these events you’ll experience how our tools and resources can be rapidly deployed to put you on the fast track to HR tech success. You’ll get access to tools for: engaging stakeholders, securing funding for HR tech and getting ready for your project. Register now for events in Sydney and Melbourne in November.

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Accelerating HR Tech project delivery

At this session you’ll learn about a range of methodologies and solution options that are being used to accelerate the delivery of HR Tech projects. These innovative methods allow organisations to execute on their HR Strategy in a fraction of the cost and time of a typical implementation and with greater alignment to stakeholder expectations and future state requirements.

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Enhancing adoption through effective change management

Central to the discussion about HR transformation is an understanding of the impact of the velocity of change and the capacity of organisations to prepare, adjust and equip for a very different future state. At this session you’ll hear from a selection of experts who’ve lived and breathed the challenges and successes of driving change through HR technology projects. 

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Helen’s Story

From WOE to GO!

This compelling story takes us on an emotional journey from breakdown to breakthrough as the main character transforms from overwhelmed ‘Helen from HR’ to a confident executive superstar!

How does she do it?

Watch and find out…

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How to be confident your HR Tech project is ready for success

Like more than 75% of organisations you may be planning or continuing a shift to cloud HR technology in the next 2 years. If you’ve been down this path before you’ll know HR tech projects are challenging. Not surprisingly, the fear and uncertainty of investing significant time and dollars in an initiative that does not deliver the expected benefits is palpable amongst senior HR professionals.

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8 capabilities you need on your HR Tech project

Early identification of the stakeholders within your organisation who can provide the necessary knowledge, experience and business insight is essential for effective preparation for an HR Technology project. While the breadth and depth of capability required may vary within organisations and depend on the complexity of the project or system, having a blend of these 8 key players on board to help you prepare will be key to success.

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